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19 Seater Minibus Hire Watford And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

19 Seater Minibus Hire Watford And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

So, you are faced with the question of how you will transport your group of friends, colleagues or team, do not panic, we got you covered. Are you looking to pick up passengers from the airport or drop your team of football players in the next town for a friendly game? Is it time for your school children to visit the local museum or is the church choir due to visit the big city of London on an excursion trip? You can hire our coaches for a day, a week or even on a monthly basis. Whatever your transportation needs, we are here for you. Our19-Seater Mini Coach Hire and 20 Seat Coach Hire Watford are the best in coach hiring services.

Our special 19-Seater Mini Coach Hire and 20 Seat Coach Hire buses are most suitable for small groups transport needs. We have specialized teams of drivers, hosts and hostesses, and a fully fledged maintenance crew that makes sure our coaches are well maintained, and our customers most efficiently are taken care of. Many years of providing tip top service have resulted in our company becoming one of the most sought after service providers in the region. We take our work seriously and make sure our staffs is well trained and frequently attend refresher courses in customer care, first aid, safety, and security. You are in good hands when you travel with us.

Seeing that our customers keep coming back to us for the comfort and luxury they experience while travelling in our coaches, we make it a company policy not to use vehicles that are more than old. We replace our fleet every couple of years with the latest model of coaches to make sure we continue to provide unique service to you. We also make sure we incorporate the most up-to-date features on our vehicles. We have free Wi-Fi available aboard, USB power points for easy recharging of your electronics; the seats are leather with a recliner mechanism for when you want to relax and seat belts for your safety. Some of the coaches also are fitted with a wheelchair access.

There is adequate storage overhead, and in the boot, and in case bigger space is required, we do have trailers that can be attached to the coach. Since these are mini buses, they do not come with toilets so when route planning, an account is taken to stop every so often at facilities offering bathrooms for the comfort of our passengers.

On request, we also do offer self-drive 19-Seater Mini Coach Hire and 20 Seat Coach Hire. With a GPS system and maps, these coaches are well equipped to cater for self-drive company outings, sports groups, educational tours, weddings, funerals and so on. When you request for a self-drive vehicle, it is then upon you to make sure that whoever will drive the coach is qualified to drive public and that they meet all the statutory requirements as they will have 19 to 20 lives on their hands. The hiring cost may also be a little higher as we shall need insurance cover paid in advance for the duration of the hire.

Whether you need to utilize the services of our highly efficient drivers or want a self-drive coach, you have come to the right people. In Watford and the greater Hertfordshire, no-one runs a more efficient 19-Seater minibus hire and 20 Seat coach hire service as we do. We guarantee such satisfaction that you will never look anywhere else after dealing with us. Call us now and chat with one of our friendly agents or visit us online for and request a free quotation.