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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Watford

Our company is the number one transport provider in the town. We deliver high quality service to all our customers. With more than six years in the industry, we have built close relationships with our clients and understood their needs quite well. We cater for various events including sports tournaments, private ceremonies, birthday parties, tour and travels, educational trips, and much more. With the kind of services we offer, you will find outstanding transport solutions for the occasion you intend to hold. We have a wide array of fleet matching different tastes and preferences requested by clients. All our vehicles arrive with an appealing exterior design with spacious and warm interior layout plan and colour.

Watford Coach Hire

We have an excellent team of professional drivers. They are friendly, courteous and enthusiastic about their work. You will find them neatly dressed in company's uniform in a great mood all the time. Regularly, our IT technical team updates our drivers on the traffic situation and advise them on the best alternative road to use to deliver prompt services. Our drivers are famous for executing professional services and being polite to the rest of motorist on the way earning the entire team awards in the past five years. Before employing our drivers, the company conducts a thorough interview ensuring we offer the best chauffeur on the wheel.

Well Maintained Vehicles

Besides acquiring our vehicles from a good Motor Vehicle Company in the city, we run service maintenance on a regular basis, from our garage. Our company has qualified engineering team conducting the task. All executive coaches come with adjustable seats, air conditioning system, refreshments and TV screens for entertainment. With vehicles in perfect condition, you never experience mechanical failure during the journey. Our fleet adheres to the standards obliged by the State before dispatching for transport services. We have secured seat belts, insurance cover policy, emergency kits, child lock system, and fire extinguishers required by the Safety Regulatory Board. For customers traveling with young toddlers, we provide baby seats upon request.

When it comes to bookings, we have an excellent team of agents who help with booking procedures and taking you through our different quotations on offer. With new customers, we explain in details what entails the various packages. We have the best competitive rates in the market. With new technology, you can easily book online and learn more about the service we offer. If you intend to hold a private event, we offer chauffeured services, or you can opt for the self drive package. The fleet comes with satellite tracking devices and Google Maps enabling the technical team to locate the vehicle when necessary.

A group of music artists taking Roadshow concert or going outside of town to perform in a live concert opt for our services. Our coach arrives with generous storage for bulk luggage and performance equipment with an additional overhead compartment for personal items. We have power sockets for charging personal phones and tablets allowing clients to stay connected to the network during the journey. Also, you can relax comfortably or take a nap as you listen to soothing music. For additional comfort, we have a mini refrigerator for personal cooling refreshments and onboard bathrooms. Our great relationship with the hospitality industry allows us to recommend customers to the best hotels and restaurants within and outside the town.

Coaches For All Events

We provide private coach services to clients organising private events such as family members intending to hold a family reunion party at Premier Inn Hotel. For any inquiries, you can email us or call on the telephone, and we shall be more than glad to help. Thank you for choosing our services.

Minibus Hire Watford with Driver

Minibus Hire Watford are the leading provider of mini coach hire services in Watford town. Our vehicles come in the latest models for the purpose of meeting the client's different tastes and preferences. The fleet arrives in various seating capacity allowing customers choose the ideal fleet for the group. Our fleet consists of 25 to 35 seat standard, executive, and VIP coaches. We provide transport within and outside the town for short and long term events. All our vehicles are always in good condition offering an excellent balance between comfort and style. The mini coaches are ideal for moving staff to and from venues and well suited for the extended journey, with complete comfort for passengers. Also, the fleet arrives with onboard facilities including washrooms, TVs, and hot or cold refreshments.

Watford town is full of sporting events attracting huge numbers of fans every week from stadiums to golf clubs and swimming galas. Whether you are a fan, support staff, or players, you simply fill in our quote form, and we shall plan the travel logistics. We ensure you get to the game on time. With wedding ceremonies, we understand it's the most important and memorable days of your life. Coach Hire Watford takes care of your travel arrangements so you can enjoy your day ensuring everything goes as planned. We provide limousines fleet to the bride and groom, making sure they arrive in style and comfort. We pride ourselves on reliability, flexibility, and prompt service delivery. Our goal and commitment is going an extra mile and exceeds our client's expectations.

Affordable Hire Rates

With competitively priced rates, we don't compromise on clients comfort. Our coaches come with leather seats, refreshments, air conditioner and generous storage space for bulk luggage. The seating layout is spacious with ample footrest area. Whatever the nature of your trip, be sure of reaching your destination in time and safe. Our company dedicated to providing the most reliable and friendly school transport services. With increasing traffic affecting learning institutions schedules, Coach Hire Watford offers solutions. We have invested in a single School Safe App allowing school staff and parents glance of a view on the vehicle's progress and whether their child has boarded the coach.

Experienced Minibus Drivers

Our drivers are polite and treat clients with respect, they deserve. They are familiar with roads enabling them to seek an alternative route when faced with traffic. The customer service you receive from our drivers is outstanding. The drivers are qualified and hold the relevant certificates required. With our drivers, you can be sure of safety for they adhere to traffic rules and regulations demanded by the Law. Also, we have an excellent customer care team ready to help customers with the information they need. In a case of a particular request from clients falling out of the packages we have, the team works out and provide a quote suiting your needs.

Vehicles Regularly Inspected

On a regular basis, we take all our vehicles for maintenance from a reputable company specialising in service of coaches conducted by a professional team of mechanics. Also, the Inspection Boards carries checks and security review before declaring our fleet safe to offer transport service. For additional safety, our coach arrives with seat belts, first aid kits, GPRS tracking devices, and an insurance cover. Corporate organisation planning private conference meeting in some of the best hotels in Watford opts for the self drive package for total privacy. The fleet allows the group discuss private matters during the journey and work efficiently with the provision of laptop tables and free internet. To make a booking with us visit our website or call on the phone.

Our Watford Services

Experience nature walks and campfire presentations in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. There is a visitor center with a theater that enables you to view the park videos. Among spectacular sights, you will see free roaming longhorn cattle, buffaloes, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep among other animals. Come and experience time with nature.

We have a solid reputation in Watford of ferrying people to Theodore Roosevelt National Park among other places. Our coaches and minibus hire do prompt airport and train transfers. We offer convenient and comfortable bus services to schools, corporates, or other groups.

Our units come with seat belts for safety and aisle armrests to provide comfort. The seats are recliners hence you will find the most suitable position for you. On board we have digital air conditioners that help keep the temperature right; cool during summer and warm when traveling during chilly winter. We will keep you entertained through the DVD, CD players, and radio. Choose the music that you love and enjoy the road trip.

Full Range Of Transport

Coach Hire Watford understands that your needs vary hence different capacities of vehicles. In case your group exceeds the biggest bus in our fleet, you can get the coach hire and minibus hire units. Talk to our team if you need custom made services. Wedding, co-corporate function and some family function may call for the need to have something out of the ordinary. We have prestigious carriers if you wish to impress or just have some extra money to splash on you and your loved ones.

You will meet a vibrant team of staff that work to make your trip great and your experience pleasant. The drivers will be at the arrivals to pick you with a placard if you are visiting for the first time. We are always at the airport by the time you arrive regardless of the changes in flight schedule. The team is extensively trained in customer service, defensive driving, basic first aid skills among others. They have great experience in dealing with coachloads. The drivers co-ordinate coachloads with ease and professionalism.

Depending on your needs, we offer self drive units. You will need to provide us with prove that you are a competent and authorized driver for your safety and other road users. We have a GPS tracking device on the cars. This will come in handy if you are not very familiar with the highways and streets. All you will need to do, is enter your destination and follow the prompts to the later. In case you need help, let us know through the modern communication devices in the car. We keep all our cars on our radar.

Spacious Vehicles For Travellers

We have plenty of room to ferry both your luggage and yourself in comfort. Inside the buses, we have overhead storage that you can keep your small bags. Let us know if there is something to be handled with care. We have a provision for transporting the delicate items.

Take time and compare our rates with those of our competitors. We are not only services but offer the best rates around. Talk to us for special corporates packages if you need long term agreements. Your card details are safe with us as our payment methods are secure. We offer a very friendly site that does not require any special skills to access. It is compatible with most of the devices hence you can book your slot from any location.

In case you were late in booking accommodation or subsequent flights, let us know. We offer complimentary services at no extra fee. Get in touch for an instant quotation and customised services.

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